news post 10/01/11

killer bunnies

Ever since my girls were 4, they’ve played soccer. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching each year save one. I really like it. This year I coach my youngest and her team is called ‘The Pink and Black Attack’, which is enough of a name to strike fear into most rivals. But my daughter’s team name choice came in second in the voting ‘Killer Bunnies’. Now I love that! Cute and tough – perfect for 10 year olds. Our unofficial mascot became the Killer Bunnies. Long story short, it was an excuse to screen some T’s. Again Jess Talmadge volunteered her screen machine and garage space. She’s the bomb. But the star of the show is Aaron Onsurez, he made this perfect Bunny face. The girls absolutely love the shirts!

I think they are working, thus far we are undefeated!