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news post 08/18/15

Balloon Animal 1 – Dog

#myballoonanimal @thetrevorpearson

news post 04/23/15

You can’t, you won’t, and you don’t pop!

#TBT with the #BTS
Taking a peek behind the bunny ears of our Balloon Animals shoot from a while back. You’ll see a scorpion, an owl, Pauline stealing someone’s baby, and a multitude of brightly-colored balloon critters.

Big shout-out to Buster Balloon for the unbelievable twisting.
Are you a big fan? https://www.facebook.com/BusterBalloonFanPage

news post 04/19/15

Dream a Little Dream of Pad Thai

Dream Kasestatad used to be our little secret for the best Thai food fix. He runs a Pop-Up Thai restaurant that was a frequent fixture of the Mandrake Bar and other local LA establishments. But now our secret is out and he’s taking the country down state by state on his US tour that started at SXSW and now just won’t quit. His delicious noodle dishes are addicting comfort food that makes you thankful for the leftovers. Any day that Dream stops by the studio to cook us a homemade meal is a very good day indeed. Follow him to find him at @pranompopup on instagram and twitter. Tracking him down will be well worth your while.