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the 2013 toyota avalon

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Burrell for letting us play on downtown rooftops and glide light all-over this sexy car. We had a …

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the best civic ever

Wanna see?! These are the final product from our Best Civic Ever shoot with RPA. Thanks to Hobart, Ron, Tim, and Andrea for bringing us …

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a man and his rocket

  what more could i say? . . . some behind the scenes from our Honda Civic shoot. final ads to come.    

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_nissan smartphone control appTN

nissan what if_

This swell project was expertly coordinated by Kristine Wilson, with the awesome creative team of Mark Sheldrake, Travis Swingler, and Dan Sanders. So much fun …

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baby carrot shakedown

So pleased to work with the incomparable Paul Keister on this project for Bolthouse. He brings the Goodness wherever he goes, and it was our pleasure to spend …

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shoe splash tn

shoe splash

Splish Splash We were runnin’ an (invisible) path All about a saturday night… Well, actually, it was a Tuesday. We had some fun with just …

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lucy the brave boston TN


So good. This is Lucy. She is a trooper with a great attitude. A couple of months ago, I reached out to our friends to …

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slice 3 is out!

a third serving of Slice…………….get yours now for tantalizing images and stories about all things tasty. Want one? Send us a note and we’ll bring …

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shout it from the roof tops

A behind the scenes glimpse at our recent shoot with Burrell for the new Toyota Avalon. All sleek, all sexy, all the time. Looking forward …

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  . . . . . consider yourself teased. more to come soon . . . . .  . .  

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The new New Beetle Cabrio is here! We were tapped by our wonderful friends at Deutsch LA to help out with the launch of this …

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120710 CBTL 1963 Anniversary Hollywood COMP R5 FINAL LR TN

it’s 1963

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf turns 50 this year! They have been making espresso’s ‘the European way’ from the start. Take a look back …

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121103 Electric Meter 2 COMP R1 crop B TN

retro electro

Now that the building is powered by solar, things are run a little differently than they used too. We kept this gorgeous glass meter from …

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sugary holiday cheer

Sprinkles!! What a great Friday we had with lots of yummy cupcakes to end the week and a great shoot with Jim, Larry, Tanya, and …

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audrey has pink hair!

Audrey and Timo do some funny things around the studio at times, but this was one of the funnier moments in recent memory! – chris

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photo 2

coco’s day

Happy birthday Courtney! Her lovely birthday evening started off with some yummy mexican food and drinks at Kay n Daves in downtown culver with about …

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_120810 SP Deus American Profile COMP R3FLAT_TN01

the american

The final images of our Deus Ex Machina American photoshoot. This bike is such a sexy and thoughtfully designed piece of machinery. Simply staring at it gives immense pleasure. …

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nice morning at deus

I met my buddy Jeff at Deus Ex Machina this morning to catch up over a coffee and some bikes. Ewan McGregor parked his sweet little …

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love the bean.

Found some pretty pictures in our most recent jaunt to the coffee bean. If you haven’t tried it, get in on that Con Panna, it’s …

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120412 BSSP ISIS 61584_TN3

isis : goddess of mobile commerce

We had a super fun shoot with Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners for ISIS. Isis is the next big thing. They allow your phone to …

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OR they?

Outdoor Research’s fabulous technical gear that does not ignore the finer points of fashion. Through TDA Boulder out of Colorado. Barrett, Erin and Joe from …

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hipsta baller

Think yer a Hipster? Do you have one of these? That’s right, a custom walnut backboard with regulation yellow old school box and a blacktop chain. Chris …

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120305 MBA still shoe cork COMP R3 FL LR TN srgb

mbwa – this saturday, june 9th!!

This clever feat of high-heeled engineering sprang from the ingenious mind of Andy Frank at RyderCG for the annual Manhattan Beach Wine Auction. This long-standing …

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venus vs. the sun

What more does one really need to view a galagtic event besides some ND filters and a welder’s mask? Take that, science!!   love, courtney

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framing it up

You’ve seen these license plate frames around haven’t you? I got mine when I recently made a donation to the CHP 11-99 foundation. They do great work …

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team tpp takes mammoth

The Volvo is stuffed with three adult humans, a snowboard, three suitcases, five bags of groceries, a dog crate, a bag of whiskey and footwear …

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2012 rip-stick-lympics

Skateboards are so 2010. Rip Sticks are what all of the cool kids are rollin’ with this year. Two wheels- one in the front and …

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